Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Von | Juni 29, 2009

Eines der besten Songs von Michael Jackson, neben Thriller und Billie Jean, ist meiner Ansicht nach der „Earth Song“ aus dem Jahre 1995. In diesem Lied macht Michael Jackson auf die Zerstörung unseres Planeten durch den Menschen aufmerksam.

Michael Jackson: „I remember writing Earth Song when I was in Austria, in a hotel. And I was feeling so much pain and so much suffering of the plight of the Planet Earth. And for me, this is Earth’s Song, because I think nature is trying so hard to compensate for man’s mismanagement of the Earth. And with the ecological unbalance going on, and a lot of the problems in the environment, I think earth feels the pain, and she has wounds, and it’s about some of the joys of the planet as well. But this is my chance to pretty much let people hear the voice of the planet. And this is „Earth Song.“ And that’s what inspired it. And it just suddenly dropped into my lap when I was on tour in Austria.“

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